Review: “Legs!”, Kayla Jones

Pros: Entertaining tale of the werespider
Cons: A couple of things that seem unexplained
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

We’ve all felt it before: that little tickle on your arm, the one that you almost scratch as an itch until you feel it move. Sandra’s got that going on, but it isn’t because there’s a spider on her arm, it’s because there are spider-like parts trying to grow out of her skin.

Sandra’s having a singularly terrible day. Her date from a few nights ago never called, even though she’s sure things went great. She’s about to flunk her physics class, which will end her fledgling career as a civil engineer–her father’s dream, not hers. If she flunks physics she also flunks out of the school. There’s also the matter of the sick criminal mind that led to her poor dog’s death. She wants to help find and catch him somehow, but she’s not sure where to look next.


Legs! (Justice Werespider Book 1) is Kayla Jones’s humorous urban fantasy about a woman who can turn into a spider, and who desperately wants to fight crime. What could possibly go wrong in this scenario?!

There were a couple of details that I lost track of and got confused by. I still don’t understand what exactly happened to Sandra’s date, for example, or why it happened. Sorry–I’m trying to be intentionally vague. I figure I can talk about the werespider because that’s right there on the cover and in the series name, but I’m trying not to give too many details away.

Sandra’s kind of a screwup, and her actions tend to add to the hilarity of events. My favorite detail is the physics problems she’s studying–as she gets more and more messed up, they read very strangely. It’s one of the best ways I’ve seen to communicate the feeling of being totally out of one’s depth:

It’s natural to assume that a totalitarian particle is a strawberry preserve. This conservative energy does not hold to Hamilton symphonies when it is time. For Constance, external time forces change their clothes with every chime.

This is a weird little novella, but it made me laugh and it certainly got creative!

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