Tendonitis interferes

You’d think having to avoid walking much due to swelling of the sheaths around my Achilles tendons would mean producing more reviews, given more time to read. But my hands aren’t a lot better, which means frequent breaks from holding books or e-readers, as well as very short stints of typing. The great part is that the combination of epsom soaks, gentle stretching, and ice seems to be helping my ankles, so I’ve also started trying it with my hands. I’m tentatively declaring it a success. Still pain, but much less than there was.

Anyway, I went back to read a series by Fiona Patton from years ago, and the books are a bit thick. I should be reviewing The Stone Prince tomorrow (worst case, the day after). I’m loving it so far, but then, I’ve admired Patton’s work for as long as I’ve been reading it. So if you’re looking for something new to read, I highly recommend Patton’s later series,

These three books make up her Warriors of Estavia series, a more recent series than the one I’m reading now, and it’s utterly fantastic!

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