Short Take: “Holster,” by Philip Allen Green

Pros: Hauntingly lovely
Rating: 5 out of 5

Holster is a short story by Philip Allen Green. Since it’s a short story, I’ll have to keep this review brief and simple.

Jeremiah learned to hunt elk at his father’s side, and after an encounter with a person with ill intentions, his father explains that it’s a father’s job to protect his son. Years later, Jeremiah wanted to share something special with his son. He gave him the beautiful holster handed down in the family, which Jonathan used to carry around superhero action figures. When Jonathan was six, Jeremiah took him camping. It did not end well, and Jeremiah believed he had failed his son.

In Holster, Jeremiah believes he’s figured out what comes next. The beautiful narrative hooked me. There is no dialogue, which somehow perfectly suits the situations inside–it doesn’t prevent Green from creating characters with real depth, which is a serious challenge in a short story. This is a quiet yet powerful tale that could easily bring tears to your eyes.

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