Short Take: “Don’t Look Inside,” Spike Black

Pros: The plot turned out to have an interesting basis
Cons: Slid rather suddenly into its final tale
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Spike Black’s Don’t Look Inside is a tale of a most unusual book. Whenever anyone picks it up, the hastily-scratched words “Don’t Look Inside!” appear on the cover. Naturally this just makes people all the more curious, but reading the book brings nothing but tragedy. It’s particularly adept at picking out hidden secrets and causing deaths. A police officer named Della ends up involved with the book, but another officer’s violent reaction to the book shows that he knows more than he’s saying. There’s a particular theme involving children and their caretakers that comes up repeatedly.


The individual tales are fairly quick and simple. Some of the characters have more depth than I’d expect for the length of their stories. The slide into the final, most revealing tale happened rather suddenly, which disoriented me a little bit. The writing was decent and the stories were interesting. I particularly liked the final tale, which showed some nice originality in how it played out.

I’m afraid this is going to be a very short review! The structure is simple and smooth, and the lack of complexity isn’t a negative. It’s just a fun, quick horror read!

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