Non-Review: “The Ebola Game,” Glenn Shepard

I guess this is a problem with grabbing a book from Amazon on the basis of its recommended-for-you suggestions. The Ebola Game: A Dr. Scott James Thriller of course turned out to be not the first book in the series.

In many books this would not be a problem. The background could be massaged into the book until you feel like you’ve got enough of a handle on the world to be able to enjoy the current book. Unfortunately, Glenn Shepard didn’t accomplish that at all. Instead the previous history merely resulted in people having hugely emotional reactions to things informed by previous joint history. Since we didn’t yet have that history, these melodramatics stood out, and (from the PoV of a new reader) there was no pre-established character history to give truth to the various character interactions. It just felt like everyone hated each other off the bat, which is surprisingly uninteresting to read when you haven’t yet been made to care about the characters.

It didn’t take me long (maybe a third of the book) for me to realize I had no interest in reading the rest. I’m not going to review this on Amazon/GoodReads clearly, since I can’t review the whole book. That’s also why I’m not giving this a rating from 1 to 5. Just know that if you want to read the series, make sure you go in order and don’t leave too long between books. You don’t want to have forgotten anything.

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