Non-Review: “Flight of the Ferryman,” William Irvin Rice

Willim Irvin Rice’s Flight of the Ferryman sounded good; I was looking forward to reading it. Something about the crew on a funeral ship being woken early because there’s life signs somewhere among the dead people. That sounds great! A dose of horror mixed with sci-fi is one of my favorite combos. Then I started reading it.

The English is mangled in many places. There are a number of words that don’t mean what the author seems to think they mean. The people are like paper doll cutouts with a single major personality trait stamped on their foreheads. Infodumps are not only very obvious, but often extremely out of place. The justification for such things is flimsy at best.

There was one long piece about what was going on in the captain’s head that finished off any likelihood that I might read more of the book. He does this weird long thing with philosophizing about his tiny place in the universe once woken up. Apparently this is an actual ritual that he does each time he comes out of cryo. Just to double-check myself, I read that excerpt to a third party. Said third party labeled that passage as ‘execrable’ and I don’t even know how to explain the look on his face.

I try to read 30% of an ebook before declaring it a lost cause. But after that one part, I tried several times to continue on and utterly failed each time. I wanted so much to like this book, because the plot sounded so promising.

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