Short Take: Premiala’s highly heat-resistant gloves

Pros: Very heat resistant; glove style makes them more versatile
Cons: Still need to be careful not to let them get wet
Rating: 5 out of 5

BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant 932F – Best for Cooking, Barbecue, Baking, Grilling, Charcoal, Smoking. High Temperature Black Woven Kevlar Insulated with Cotton Liner and Long Cuff! (Large)

I was a little dubious when I saw these in person; they looked and felt rather flimsy. The ones I received were way too big for me, so I had to get my husband on board when testing these out. The glove shape (vs mittens or flat hot pads) worked surprisingly well. It made it much easier to get a grip on things. More importantly, these were stellar at insulating against heat. Like any hot pad you don’t want to use them when wet or you’ll easily get burned. But we tested out the gloves (dry of course) while handling a 450-degree (F) cast iron skillet for a couple of minutes. My husband could feel the warmth, but it never came close to burning him.

Then came the more important test: I asked him if he’d want to keep them (yes) and if he’d continue using them instead of our older pot holders. He was enthusiastic in his desire to keep using them. They worked beautifully, and they’re sturdier than they appear.


NOTE: Gloves provided free for review

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