Short Take: “Come Twilight”, Tyler Dilts

Pros: Interesting mysteries
Cons: Some confusions; hard to like some of the characters
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

In Tyler Dilts’ Come Twilight (Long Beach Homicide book 4), homicide detective Danny Beckett is having a really bad day. He catches an odd murder case (poorly staged to look like suicide), and his car is acting up badly enough that he has it towed to his mechanic. So far all that is fairly normal–at least, until an explosive detonates under the driver’s seat of his car. If he’d been in it, he would have been pulverized. So who killed the man who supposedly committed suicide? Who tried to kill Danny? And how will anyone get Danny to sit down, relax, and stay away from his own damned case?!


I think the characters were surprisingly realistic. It isn’t easy on Jen (Danny’s partner) or on Julia (Danny’s girlfriend) when Danny has to stay under guard and under wraps. He’s not a man who relaxes easily, and by the time we get into the meat of things, both Jen and Julia have largely had it with him. His behavior should piss them off; it’s nice to not see them giving in to it.

I love that a side character signed his rental agreement with the name “Kobayashi Maru”. That threw the cops off something fierce until they finally stumbled across a detective who’s also a nerd!

At one point Danny is abducted and told, “stay away from her!” But unfortunately he doesn’t get a chance to ask who, which makes things all the trickier.

This book didn’t wow me, but I enjoyed it.


Book provided for review by publisher
Expected publication date: August 23, 2016

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