Review: “The Naked Cookbook,” Tess Ward

Pros: Good food
Cons: The attitude and confusion
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Fantastic stuffed avocado!

Fantastic stuffed avocado!

There are some wonderful recipes (stuffed avocadoes and avocado soup in particular), but also some problems. The table of contents uses utterly useless labels: pure, raw, stripped, bare, nude, clean, and detox. There’s a set of dressings that did not come out right or tasty, and certainly came out looking nothing like the photograph on the opposite page.

I’d go halfway on this book. There are some yummy things in it, but it needs experienced help to get any further. Oh! Also, as part of the whole theme, the cover is hard, thick cardboard. Which means… yep, no cleaning those little bits of oil or whatever that are easy to swipe off of a plasticized cover or sleeve. So parts of this cookbook are tasty, but I wouldn’t bother buying it.

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