Review: “Little Heaven,” Nick Cutter

Pros: Truly dark and original
Rating: 5 out of 5

Little Heaven: A Novel, by Nick Cutter, made me shudder with delighted horror. Horror novels range so widely in their quality, and I thought this one was pretty much perfect. It’s long. Despite the fact that it shifts back and forth between 1965 and 1980, it does so carefully enough that I never lost track of where I was.

It’s about three gun-slingers. Micah is a generic gun-for-hire who’s been working for a drug dealer as a bodyguard. Minerva is a bounty hunter. And Ebenezer is an assassin who sticks out like a sore thumb (a black Brit in 1960s America). In the 60s, they find themselves drawn to a religious cult called Little Heaven, stuck out in the middle of nowhere. A woman named Ellen wants them to help her rescue her young nephew, Nathan, whose father kidnapped him and brought him there. Things get a lot strange. There’s something out in the woods–something terribly evil, that has already been draining the life and vitality from the members of the cult. Our gun-slingers have a lot of darkness, pain, and evil ahead of them if they want to save Nathan–if they even can.


This is one of my favorite recent horror stories. It has fascinating characters–I can’t decide whether Micah or Ebenezer is my favorite. (I’m also quite fond of the weird semi-antagonistic relationship between Ebenezer and Minerva, which has its own bizarre backstory). The characters at Little Heaven are a bit more stereotypical, but there are some exceptions!

The evil in Little Heaven is weird and horrifying, better than I’m used to seeing, and quite different. It pulled me in and wouldn’t let go. I liked it better than The Troop–it’s more alien, more horrific. I’m having trouble coming up with enough adjectives to do it justice! It contains plenty of surprises, twists, turns, and fascinating people. Nothing is easy, and nothing is certain.

Just as a note in case you’re a reader who cares about such things, this book is very vulgar in places. Not a problem for most horror readers I expect, but just in case.

I absolutely recommend Little Heaven to horror lovers. I think it would make a great holiday present to your favorite horror readers as well!


Received from publisher in return for honest review

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