Short Take: “The Apocalypse Hive: Episode 1: The Armageddon Thrones: Season 1,” Sam Witt

Pros: Intriguing start to a story
Cons: Confusing start to a story!
Rating: 3 out of 5

In the world of Sam Witt’s The Apocalypse Hive: Episode 1: The Armageddon Thrones: Season 1, company employees sabotage each other just to get ahead–even when they don’t know what they’re messing with. In this case, our character inadvertently awakens some “Sleepers”, and it quickly becomes obvious why that was a bad idea.


The Sleepers seem alien in nature, but they turn people into mindless zombie-like creatures. Our inadvertent villain does everything he can to undo what he’s done, but you know it won’t be that easy.

It’s hard for me to say much about this book because it’s quite short. I think maybe I expected a little more after reading Witt’s Pitchfork County tales. There are at least a couple of interesting people in this tale, largely the protagonist and the Asshole.

At the end we do see a little bit of what’s going on in the outside world, although only for a moment. Even though this isn’t my favorite short story, most books don’t pick up right away anyway, so I’m going to read the next part. Hopefully that’ll grab onto me a bit harder!

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