Review: “Breakthrough the Block,” Allen C. Paul

Pros: Decent ideas
Cons: More like a blog post than a book
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Breakthrough the Block!: 5 Steps to Renewing your Inspiration, by Allen C. Paul, is more like a long blog post than a book. However, it does have some decent suggestions in it.

I have to admit, the idea of changing the thought of “what if?” to “so what if?” is a helpful one. We don’t always have to fear the things that might go wrong or the difficulties that we’re having.

Reconnecting with your feelings certainly can’t hurt. Emotion is at the heart of inspiration, after all.

Reactivating your appreciation for others: “a grateful artist is an inspired artist.” I do think that reading/listening to/etc. other wonderful artists is a great way to feel creative again.

Recommit to your daily creative time. Mr. Paul is certainly not the first person to say that one of the best ways to stay active in your art form is simply to do it every day, even when you don’t feel creative.

Reward yourself for each step forward. Hey, I’m all for rewards.


I think this book is simple and doesn’t present anything terribly new (except maybe for the appreciation tip–I’m not sure I’ve heard that one before). However, it’s also brief and, at the time I’m looking at it, quite cheap, so maybe it’s worth a read. It certainly can’t hurt, and when you’re feeling blocked you just never know what will get things moving again!

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