Short Take: “Outbreak,” Joshua C. Chadd

Pros: There is an audience for this; some good action scenes
Cons: Everything else
Rating: 2 out of 5

Joshua Chadd’s Outbreak (The Brother’s Creed) (Volume 1) exists to please a very specific kind of audience, and that audience has a huge overlap with those who play zombie first-person shooter games. The only parts of the book that come alive are the loving descriptions of weaponry and how it’s used.

‘”Hey, look at us,” James said, pointing at their reflection in the glass screen door as they stood there, holding their ARs.
[cue long and loving description of both men with their military gear and weapons]
“We look badass!” James said.’

That’s pretty much the theme of the entire book. There’s nothing new in here other than the weaponry fetish. The characters are flimsy, the dialogue is awful, and even though I got to read this for free through Kindle Unlimited, it wasn’t worth the time spent. I only finished reading the book so I could review it, and there isn’t much to say.

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