Review: “A Demon Saved,” Katherine Kim

Pros: Some interesting worldbuilding and obvious talent
Cons: Needs work in a number of areas
Rating: 3 out of 5

In Katherine Kim’s A Demon Saved (The Demon Guardian Trilogy Book 3) Michael gets stabbed and poisoned while saving May’s life (it’s a good thing that’s his job since he does it so much), and the poison is new and particularly deadly to demons. Even though it’s believed that the demons’ ancient enemies, the nefil, no longer exist in the earthly realm, one of them shows up to help. Anna is a healer and does everything she can to help Michael–apparently it’s her student Milquert (?! makes me think milquetoast every time I see it) who’s gone off the deep end, re-entered the earthly realm, and wants to kill not just every demon but every human who has been “tainted” by a demon. Which, thanks to Michael’s membership in the Temple, now means all of the Temple humans. It’s a good premise.

The book could still use a good copyeditor who can catch the stuff that an automated spellchecker won’t. Sometimes I’m impressed at how little action it takes for the book to be interesting, while at other times I’m bored by the lack of progress or action. I still appreciate that the author allows May and Michael to be partners without being lovers, but I would have liked to see more physical chemistry between Michael and Anna–it was hard to buy into their feelings for one another because, unlike everything else, the author didn’t dwell on them.

SPOILER Warning: Michael missed so many obvious clues of a trap that was set for him that it was quite frustrating. He’s generally much smarter than this. I’m also surprised, given how careful he’s been to never have a child before now, that Anna mysteriously becomes pregnant just after they get together. I mean seriously, has he never heard of a condom? If that’s always worked for him before now and now suddenly didn’t, that should be pointed out as something odd. End spoilers.

On the whole Katherine Kim clearly has skill and talent, and I hope that she keeps improving. I’d like to see more of her work, but it still needs development.

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