Review: “Live Your Life,” Ann LeFevre

Pros: Some good suggestions
Cons: Artificial gimmick; some not-so-great advice
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Live Your Life: 14 Days to the Best You by Ann LeFevre, PhD, LCSW, CMT, details 14 ways to improve your life and self. The “14 days” shtick feels like an artificial gimmick, because few of these suggestions are things where you’re going to see results in a day. The book tacitly acknowledges that when it conveys such sentiments as:

Show yourself compassion by listening to your cues and establishing a daily ritual that addresses your needs.

In one portion about exercise, LeFevre mentions being in pain all day every day for two to three weeks and just pushing through it until she felt better. While she stops short of saying we should do this ourselves, I think it’s irresponsible to send the message she does. When I developed tendinitis in my hands I, too, pushed through the pain–and as a result, it’ll never go entirely away. It’s important when in that much pain to at least get a doctor’s opinion if possible. Sure, some pain is temporary, but on the whole pain is a warning sign.

The book relies to some extent on visualization and self-affirmation techniques. These are techniques I’ve never been impressed by and haven’t heard great things about.

There are some good suggestions in here; nothing ground-breaking, but it’s still useful to have them all in one place. Again the whole “14 days” notion doesn’t really hold up when the author does things like put “Stay the Course” ahead of “Start Somewhere, Anywhere,” but they are both useful notions to think about. Each section includes “Thinking Points” and “Action Items” that nicely sum up the text and make it easy to come back and brush up on any things you want to try.

Ultimately, I feel like this is a late entry into the world of self-help that’s trying to do something new and instead just retreading old ground.

NOTE: Book provided free by publisher for review.

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