Note: more Tanya Huff to come!

I’m still in the middle of my intensive one-month anatomy course, so, no time for anything other than studying (although I did manage to spend a few hours at a food truck festival last weekend!). Definitely no time for reading, particularly since I prefer to get a book read in largely one sitting–or close to it–so it’s all fresh in my mind. I plan to read the other two Peacekeeper books by Tanya Huff once my class ends (and I finish off the medical terminology class I’m also taking this summer–luckily that one’s online so I can self-pace, so I managed to do enough in advance that I could concentrate on anatomy during that class). At this point I trust the quality of her writing well enough to recommend them sight unseen, but I’ll be happy to tell you once I read them what I particularly love about them!

Oh! Speaking of that food truck festival: if you’re looking for some awesome caramels, I must recommend the Annapolis Caramel Co.. SERIOUSLY good eats!

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