Review: “Demon Magic,” Linsey Hall

Pros: Fun; great fight scenes with plenty of magic
Cons: Formulaic
Rating: 4 out of 5

Linsey Hall’s Demon Magic (Dragon’s Gift: The Seeker Book 2) is a rollicking adventure of urban fantasy. In Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress (5 Book Series) Del had to die to save her friends from a monster. In book one of her own series, she returned from the Underworld a fugitive and accidentally allowed an incredibly powerful Ubilaz demon to escape on her heels: it’s a demon that automatically attracts other evil demons to follow it. Roarke, the Warden of the Underworld, came to drag her back–but he needed her help to kill the Ubilaz first. Along the way the two started developing feelings for each other, and by the time they’d dealt with the demon Roarke had decided to break his precious rules and allow Del to remain among the living. Even better, he was determined to help her learn how to control her dysfunctional powers.

Now Roarke offers to take Del to see an acquaintance who might be able to help her control her powers–but naturally things go terribly wrong and she ends up attracting all the wrong attention. A seer gives her a map that she’s prophesied to be able to read, but it’s all harder than Greek to her. With the help of some dubious blood magic she manages to figure out where to go next, but she and Roarke are going to be in over their heads, sometimes literally, before they get where they’re going. Soon she finds herself on a quest for a magical item that has the potential to solve some of her problems.

I love the fight scenes in this series. There’s plenty of sword-swinging and magic-flinging. Del’s weird abilities related to death are causing her to absorb odd powers from demons she kills, but she can’t keep them under control. That plus Roarke’s ability to fly when he shape-shifts into his demon form add an extra level to the action.

The romance is the most formulaic part of the book; for example, the male love interests are uniformly handsome, wealthy, and powerful. Nix even comments that now that Cass and Del seem to have found their honeys it should be her turn next. On the other hand, many readers don’t mind formulaic when it comes to romance, so that probably won’t bother a lot of people. Roarke and Del do have some chemistry to enjoy. Naturally Roarke has grown a little more distant recently and Del has to figure out where they really stand. After all, trust comes hard to her.

The women in this story definitely kick ass, and one thing I do love about the romances is that the men respect their women. They’re allowed to be protective without stepping on the women’s agency or ability to do their own fighting. With everything going on right now, simple respect in a relationship has become a romantic thing in its own right. (Men, take note!)

This is a good installment in the ongoing series. I enjoyed the quests and adventures, and the look we’re getting at the Underworlds is interesting. I’m looking forward to finding out more about Del’s unusual nature!

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