Review: “Enemy of Magic,” Linsey Hall

Pros: Some fantastic extended fight scenes
Cons: Small inconsistencies
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Linsey Hall’s Enemy of Magic (Dragon’s Gift: The Protector Book 4) continues Nix’s tale as she attempts to puzzle out her task in the Triumvirate and her role as representing Life. She’s discovering more and more powers over plant life and is getting better at using them. But now she discovers that her home realm is under attack by her enemy, Drakon. There’s a mysterious dome over the village, and nothing can get in or out. Also one of their FireSoul friends, Alton, has gone missing. How will Nix and her sisters-by-choice Cass and Del find enough time and resources to find and free their friend while also pursuing their destiny?

I seem to recall that originally Cass wasn’t able to transport into the realm Nix comes from; Ares was able to because of his own special powers. So why is it that, this time around, everyone and their brother seems to be able to transport there? Maybe I missed a brief explanation, but I don’t remember anything that addressed it.

The group ends up splitting up for a bit, and there’s a marvelous extended Indiana Jones-like sequence in Norway that involves ghost ships, dark dwarves, light elves, winged serpents, and a valkyrie. I also love the extended fight scenes that take place in Nix’s home realm. A few side characters make a comeback and help to keep the action quotient up–Ana and Bree bring their tricked-out “buggy” along for a wild ride. We also get to find out more about the dragons–what happened to them, and how they relate to FireSouls!

I also have to love a character who names their familiar plant-dragon “Jeff”. Nix is a little bit crazy when it comes to the risks she takes, yet she never loses that wholesome vibe she has. She’s a nice, original character in a series that sometimes gets a bit formulaic. She also has good chemistry with her romantic interest, Ares. The two of them get to spend a little time together in this one, though of course things are proceeding at a pace that prevents much time for snuggles.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the fight with Drakon ends. He’s such a massively powerful enemy, and the stakes are so high now.

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