Short Take: “Stealing from Pirates,” Stefon Mears

Pros: Interesting setup
Cons: Kind of boring; feels unfinished
Rating: 3 out of 5

In Stefon Mears’s Stealing from Pirates, pilot and captain Dara “Dare” Ross is indulging in a bit of low-risk smuggling. Unfortunately for her, someone has swapped out her low-risk cargo for some very hot medical items that can be used to do a lot of harm in the wrong hands.

That’s… mostly it. There are a few shootouts and some tense moments, but things like wandering around looking for fuel are just dull. The setup and payoff are all fairly simple, and the story felt a little unfinished. There seemed to be some potentially interesting things going on in the world-building, but the story didn’t get into them all that deeply. We do get to meet up with one set of aliens, but it’s hard to take giant raccoons seriously.

All in all not a bad book. It’s a quick read and if you need to pass a little time, you could certainly do worse.

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