Review: “Illusive Echoes,” Erik Kort & Lee French

Pros: Still loving this series!
Rating: 5 out of 5

In book one, Chavali the Seer was brought back to life after her clan was slaughtered, and she swore to aid the Fallen in their quest to reunite with their Creator. In book two, Chavali and her new companions had to investigate a murder and a mysterious prophecy. In book three, Chavali and her companions had to settle a murder mystery, find a missing boy, and help out a bunch of werewolves. In Illusive Echoes (The Greatest Sin Book 4), Chavali and her friends are sent to find out who killed their friend Harris and regain the cat statue that he had been transporting. Of course when they get to the city where the statue ended up, they get caught in the thick of various schemes going on. A group called the Drowned Ones is distributing a drug called Blue Death that may connect with Chavali’s spirit powers. A gang called the Bloodflies is causing mayhem and destruction, and probably has the statue. Then Princess/Inspector Ambrye goes missing, and the queen agrees that our heroes can have their statue in return for their aid in finding Ambrye.

The Drowned Ones say that everyone must die and be reborn in order for the Reunion with the Creator to happen. I’d like to have seen the characters comment on the similarity between this and the Fallen’s own circumstances and goals, but it doesn’t get brought up. I honestly think that’s my only negative from this book.

The character building is still fantastic. Karias is becoming more and more involved, and he isn’t what I expect from some sort of intelligent horse/spirit/whatever. I look forward to finding out more. The leader of the Drowned Ones only shows up for a short amount of time, but there are already hints of an interesting and complex character there. We finally find out more of why Eldrack seems to know so much about the future and why he’s kept it from Chavali, and it makes things very interesting. Chavali still tends to be more pragmatic than sentimental, but I caught her once or twice convincing herself that she was doing something for a pragmatic reason when it was relatively clear it was more. I do love her gradual character growth. We also see a bit more of Robin this time than the madman we know and hate.

The plot is sufficiently complicated that it kept me guessing for quite a bit, which I loved, yet it does get untangled sufficiently I think. There are multiple gangs involved, multiple art thefts, a royal family full of suspects, a group of inspectors full of suspects, a group of zealots who seem to have an interest in Chavali… The spirits of Chavali’s clan are also restive, and I’m looking forward to finding out where things go with that. Up until now they’ve been little more than a power source, and now we find they may have interests and an agenda. We also still don’t know what the deal is with the mysterious cat statue.

I’m really enjoying the individual mysteries in these books as well as the overall arc-plot and wonderful characters.

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