Short Take: “I Am Drusilla,” Lucille Moncrief

Pros: Interesting mythology
Cons: Confusing in places
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Lucille Moncrief’s I am Drusilla, An Original Short Story explores an interesting bit of mythology within the author’s world. It deals with the children of a mother goddess, one of whom is a King of vampires and who views his day-walking witch sister Drusilla with great envy. He poisons her lover Egino on their wedding day, and holds Egino prisoner. He’ll only give Egino back if Drusilla makes him able to walk in sunlight.

The origin story of dhamphyrs–half vampire, half witch, and hunters of vampires–is a fascinating story, and this tale has the delicious feel of mythology to it. The worldbuilding is quite creative and enjoyable to read.

There are some bits that get a little confusing; I never quite understood the out-of-nowhere idea that witches have transformed vampires as familiars. There’s a mysterious ferryman whose role is odd. Also, Drusilla seems to stand tall at first, then cringes a bit much when things get bad. It also felt like the author maybe tried to pack a bit much into such a short story.

This is an interesting tale, and I think if I had read the other books in the series first I’d probably really enjoy getting to read this origin story. It does stand relatively well alone, however.

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