Review: “Dragon Blood,” Linsey Hall

Pros: Interesting characters and plot
Cons: Formulaic
Rating: 4 out of 5

Linsey Hall has just put out Dragon Blood (Dragon’s Gift: The Sorceress Book 2). The Dragon’s Gift universe has more than 30 books in it at this point, divided into 5-book sub-series. This one focuses on Aerdeca (Aeri), a blood sorceress who always wears white and secretly works for the Council of Demon Slayers. Recently she met (and then pissed off) fallen angel Declan, even though she had chemistry with him. The two of them had worked together to deal with a powerful demon. Now another demon is loose–an Oraxia demon, who is setting up special orbs that are turning the people in the various districts of Magic’s Bend into stone. Even the FireSouls and their boyfriends have been petrified! Aerdeca teams up with Declan once again to find out where the magic came from and how to un-do it. Before the spell becomes permanent! In order to deal with the Oraxia demon, which is invulnerable, the two of them need to get their hands on an unusual potion ingredient, which will necessitate a very dangerous visit to the Bermuda Triangle. Luckily they have a siren friend, Syra, to help them get there.

There’s a nice time-based tension here, because if the heroes don’t find the Oraxia demon and force it to reverse the spell before it’s done deploying, the petrification will become permanent! Now, this being written by Linsey Hall we know she won’t kill off some of her major characters, but she still manages to make the possibility seem tense and fraught with danger.

The characters are enjoyable. Aerdeca and Mordaca have more depth to them than they’ve shown in previous books. Their icy (Aerdeca) and glowering (Mordaca) act is a part of them–not a total smokescreen–but they’ve been hiding their traumatized, hiding-from-the-bad-guys, keeping-secrets selves. Declan is rightfully angry that Aerdeca tried to use her magic to make him forget her, but when push comes to shove he can be relied upon. I was slightly annoyed by the fact that Aerdeca fixated on the size of the breasts of every woman who talked to Declan.

There is a brief mention of “Dani … the third sister we’d never had”, so I have to wonder, given that until now she’s done these sub-series in sets of three, whether that’s going to happen again.

I am enjoying being in Aerdeca’s head. Her morality is a little more gray than that of previous main characters, and every once in a while she actually swears! She comes across as slightly more grown-up than the other main characters.

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