Review: “Spectre,” Shiloh Walker

Pros: Hot, hot, hot!
Rating: 5 out of 5

Shiloh Walker’s character Spectre is a hard-hitting assassin-for-hire. Mob boss Tommy O’Halloran wants him to take a job, but when Spectre finds out the job is to kill the half-sister of the cop who put Tommy’s brother in jail, he decides he doesn’t want to play that game. Instead, he kidnaps Tia (and her dog, Valkyrie), determined to keep her safe until he can get rid of Tommy. Tia is an art therapy teacher with Asperger’s, and she doesn’t take too kindly to being kidnapped. Still, something about Spectre and his drive to keep her safe appeals to her. Once she gets a little used to the idea that no really, he’s trying to save her life, the sparks start to fly.

Content note: Interracial romance and some non-neurotypical characters (yay!). Very explicit (and varied) dom/sub sex. Some dark implications regarding past child abuse.

I love the characters in this book. Both Spectre and Tia have some difficulties dealing with emotions–both their own, and other people’s. The journey of discovery that they go on together is wonderful. I also particularly liked Tia’s half-brother, Mac, the police officer, and how he figures into the story. The relationship between Spectre and Tia is by no means simple or easy, but Walker makes it believable.

While there’s definitely a framework of thriller to this book, it’s mostly erotic romance. The sex is lusty and hot. It beautifully shows the fact that the submissive in a dom/sub relationship has power, and that acquiring consent can be a very sexy (not to mention important) part of sexytimes (that doesn’t at all have to take away from being dominant). I really appreciate this, because some authors skirt that consent line a little hard for my tastes.

Spectre and Tia make an amazingly hot couple, and I love the story they’re caught up in! If you’re looking for something tense and hot, this is a great investment.

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