Short Take: “The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales,” Sonora Taylor

Pros: Four entertaining stories
Rating: 4 out of 5

Sonora Taylor’s short anthology The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales contains four brief tales of horror. I really loved her unusual serial killer tale Without Condition, so I had to give this collection a read!

In The Crow’s Gift, Tabitha is being bullied by schoolmate Simon. She’s also starting to make friends with a crow she calls Timothy, who brings her pretty pebbles in return for the crackers she feeds him and his friends. This one is simple, to the point, and delightful.

I Love Your Work sees Ann trying desperately to see her favorite author, Samuel Miller, at a book signing–but it seems like the universe itself is trying to keep her from getting there as one thing goes wrong after another! This is an entertaining little story that is simple-but-fun.

The protagonist of I Never Knew Your Name sees a certain stranger every day on their way to work, and for some reason these two just seem to click and always say hello. Then children start to go missing, and things get weird. This one’s a little surreal, and I might have liked just a little more information, but it’s intriguing as it is.

In All the Pieces Coming Together, Taylor returns to the world of serial killers. A fledgling serial killer picks up a woman at the bar, but finds he’s actually quite attracted to her. He decides to enjoy the night with her before killing her, but things don’t quite go according to plan.

I’m a serial killer–or at least, I would be if there were anyone around to kill.

That last story was my favorite–Taylor seems to be particularly good at presenting serial killers in new and unusual ways! This collection is a very brief read, but definitely enjoyable.

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