Short Take: “To Be Devoured,” Sara Tantlinger

Pros: Excellent intense point of view
Cons: Very gross!
Rating: 4 out of 5

Sara Tantlinger’s novella To Be Devoured is, I must warn you, quite grotesque. So if that puts you off, just stop here.

Andi has made a special gift for her girlfriend Luna–a pair of wings made out of the wings of dead Luna moths. Luna, for her part, is disgusted with this gift of dead bugs. Andi has had a life full of death, bitterness, and fury. She’s obsessed with Luna. She’s obsessed with vultures and how they scavenge the dead, and desperately wants to become like them. She wants to taste dead flesh–not the kind you buy in a store–and that urge is only growing.

Content note for: f/f period sex, animal harm, animal death, general gore, and cannibalism.

The narrative is actually pretty impressive. The author truly gets into Andi’s mind, and manages to portray her inner voice quite convincingly. I liked how easy it was to dislike the nosy neighbor, even though he’s the only one who might notice and stop what’s going on. Andi’s point of view was intense and engrossing. This is a short, shocking story that I think many horror fans would enjoy.

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