Short Take: “Nobody Drinks that Much,” Michael Todd, Michael Anderle

Pros: Very intriguing setting
Rating: 4 out of 5

Michael Todd and Michael Anderle’s novella Nobody Drinks That Much: Soldiers of Fame and Fortune Series, Book 3 is the third book in the series Soldiers of Fame and Fortune Full Series Omnibus: 12 Book series. In book one, chemist Holly arrived at the Zoo–an alien jungle that sprang up in the Sahara–and started collecting information on the place to help her decide whether to take a job that involves going in. She found a bartender, J.B., who was willing to tell her some stories, and she’s been meeting other folks as well who have told her a few things. Book three is day three of Holly’s stay in town, and this time she gets to hear stories about Jens Schulze, a man who discovered that he was far more effective at killing dangerous monsters and keeping his team alive as long as he stayed drunk.

The stories are still quite intriguing. This one involves a challenge in which two characters compete to see who can kill the most critters, so there are plenty of action-filled escapades. There’s some fascinating variety in these tales, giving us a consistent level of excitement from novella to novella.

I still wish I understood more about the nature of the Zoo. The extent of the explanation in this book is: “The [alien] missile had been caught and the Zoo was unleashed in the Sahara.” So it’s alien, but the explanation for how it started is still quite murky.

I will admit I’m tired of all the women giggling in these stories. It’s something of a pet peeve.

This feels like the perfect setup for either a tabletop RPG campaign or a computer game. I’d love to see it get converted into one of those.

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