Short Take: “Nobody Remembers But Us,” Michael Todd, Michael Anderle

Pros: Very intriguing setting
Rating: 4 out of 5

Michael Todd and Michael Anderle’s novella Nobody Remembers but Us: Soldiers of Fame and Fortune, Book 4 is the fourth book in the series Soldiers of Fame and Fortune Full Series Omnibus: 12 Book series. Holly is on day four of researching the Zoo. Today she’s trying to pin down something else: what does the company hiring her really want from the Zoo? They claim they want her to find some unique ingredient for alcoholic drinks, but given how ridiculously dangerous the Zoo is, she’s certain there’s a hidden agenda. Her contact, handler, and friend Rod doesn’t quite seem to grasp how dangerous the assignment really would be. Holly rents an apartment in the area–she seems to be becoming attached–and heads back to FUBAR to hear more stories. Tonight’s story is of Billie “Wild Bill” Hickok, who ran secretive solo missions into the Zoo on behalf of an unknown employer.

For some reason characters in these books rarely use contractions when speaking, and it makes things sound a little stilted. Minor annoyance, but I mention it in case you care.

We get introduced to a couple of new animals this time! The bear that screams like a woman is slightly reminiscent of Jeff Vandermeer’s Southern Reach books. And of course there had to be something that’s adorable-yet-deadly. (Most of the inhabitants of the zoo are not afraid to be obvious about their deadliness!)

I still want to know more about how this alien material got to Earth and triggered the formation of the Zoo, but I have hope there’ll be another line or three in the next few novels. Holly’s renewed conviction that her employer has a hidden agenda reassures me that the series is keeping in mind its arc-plot. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

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