Short Take: “Ghost Redemption,” Michael Todd, Michael Anderle

Pros: Engrossing installment
Cons: Little progression of the original arc-plot
Rating: 4 out of 5

Michael Todd and Michael Anderle’s novella Ghost Redemption: Soldiers of Fame and Fortune, Book 11 is book eleven in the series Soldiers of Fame and Fortune Full Series Omnibus: 12 Book series. It’s time for J.B. to go into the Zoo in order to fake his own death. He gets to experience a bit of a last hurrah before coming back as his own nephew to continue to run FUBAR. Billie comes in as his cousin Jean, before leaving again to take a few jobs to fund the new company.

It’s nice to get to see J.B. out in the Zoo for once. Thankfully the characters scrapped the ridiculous idea to actually kill and revive him when faking his death is easier and less prone to problems. However, I don’t understand why the others didn’t meet him right inside the Zoo to make his trip safer, rather than expecting him to get to a farther rendezvous all on his lonesome.

It’s interesting to see how all the regulars from FUBAR handle the whole thing with J.B. leaving to die and his “nephew” arriving to take over. Thankfully they’re all heavy drinkers, so keeping them drunk seems to make the transition easier! This is largely an installment about J.B. and the effect he’s had on those around him. It’s charming.

Given that this is the next-to-the-last book in its series and there’s only a novella left, it feels like this didn’t cover enough ground. I want to know more about Holly’s work and what will come of it, whereas this is focused on Billie and J.B.

Well the series is almost over! It’ll be interesting to see what the final volume brings us!

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