Review: “Beyond Possession,” Kit Rocha

Pros: Love the newer characters
Cons: A minor series quibble
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Kit Rocha’s latest novella in her post-apocalyptic erotic romance series is Beyond Possession (Beyond, Novella 5.5) Zan recently got shot when Trix got kidnapped. He’s still recovering, so Dallas asks him to take on a mission that isn’t as physically challenging as busting heads. Dallas wants him to get close to Tatiana Stone, older daughter of the previous sector head (whom Dallas killed). There are whispers of rebellion in his sector, and it’s virtually certain that anyone who wants to overthrow Dallas will want the symbolism of having Tatiana on his side. Tatiana is a shopkeeper who sells lotions, oils, soaps, and candles. She’s trying to break into the market in Eden, but it isn’t easy. She’s also trying to protect her younger sister Catalina, who’s fallen in with Wallace, the would-be leader of the revolution. She knows what it means to fall for an O’Kane, and she doesn’t want to lose her independence, no matter how luxurious the accommodations would be. But there are definite sparks between her and Zan.

Now that we’re 5 novels and several novellas into this series, there are a couple of things I’ve noticed. One, although nearly all of the characters are bisexual, and there’s a decent amount of bisexual sex going on, the actual partnerings are rarely same-sex. The only counterexample so far is the Ace-Cruz-Rachel triad. I’d like to see at least one more same-sex pairing; the odds of all of these bisexuals ending up in hetero relationships just feels a little forced at this point. Two: wow, it’s amazing how many of these women are capable of many, many multiple orgasms! (Okay, that one isn’t really a complaint. It’s just kind of funny.)

Tatiana is a great character. She has an interesting background, more complicated than the “grew up on the streets” or “kicked out of Eden” background of other characters. She tries not to be too obviously pro-O’Kane because she’s afraid of her father’s old colleagues, and yet she also realizes O’Kane is a decent sector head and doesn’t want to do anything to stoke the feelings against him. Wallace is making this very hard for her through her sister, and he’s planning on making it harder still. I like that Tatiana is so independent and knows she’d wither as a “kept” woman. I did feel like the timeline (given Dallas has been sector head for a little while) would have made a bit more sense if she’d been a few years older (maybe closer to 30 than 20), but that’s a small quibble.

Since this is one of the novellas that seem to run along the side of the novels as a whole, there isn’t as much over-arching plot to this one–the little rebellion is fairly self-contained. This is an enjoyable tale, and I’m looking forward to seeing who gets paired up next!

There were always chains with the O’Kanes, even if they weren’t the literal kind.
Though those seemed to show up often enough, too.

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