Review: “Beyond Temptation,” Kit Rocha

Pros: Delightful installment in the series!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Kit Rocha’s novella Beyond Temptation (Beyond, Novella 3.5) is the next entry in her Beyond series. Dallas O’Kane needs the help of Noah Lennox, one of the Sectors’ greatest hackers. But Noah isn’t easy to find, and he doesn’t work for just anyone. What he does care about, however, is Emma Cibulski, a recent addition to O’Kane’s crew. After Emma’s brother died, Noah did everything he could to get Emma safely away from the drug business in Sector Five. Now that she’s grown into a confident, strong woman, he wants her even more than he ever did before. But the head of Sector Five would love to find a weakness to exploit in Noah, and he doesn’t want that weakness to be Emma.

We still get to enjoy a bit of an orgy scene in this volume, with a small amount of f/f material, but mostly this volume focuses on the relationship between Emma and Noah. This entry in the series is a novella rather than a novel, so the two lovers find their way into bed quicker than those in previous novels. And while there are definitely some difficulties that threaten to pull the two apart, there’s less uncertainty in their relationship. Noah is very definitely a loner, so the hardest part is just convincing him that there’s value to be had in coming around to the O’Kane way of doing things.

As usual the sex and language in these books is rough and raw. There’s some mild dom/sub material, but this in no way stops both characters from being strong, confident, independent people. They’re just a bit more possessive than some of the earlier character combinations.

There’s a little bit of plot material in here; Noah wants revenge for a lot of things on the Sector Five head. He spends some time in this volume starting to set up some schemes that work in that direction, but we’ll have to wait until later volumes, I assume, to see the fallout.

This volume is less complex and maybe marginally less satisfying than the slower volumes that came before, but it nevertheless works. Noah and Emma are a delicious couple, and I hope we’ll see more of them around the edges in later books. I’m sure we will, actually, given how things have been going so far!

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