Short Take: “Clockwork Dragon,” Lee French, Jeffrey Cook

Pros: Delightful!!
Rating: 5 out of 5

Lee French and Jeffrey Cook’s novella Clockwork Dragon introduces us to Dwago, a clockwork dragon who was just brought to life. “Papa,” the wizard and engineer who brought him to life, has tasked him with three roles: to be a companion to Papa’s daughter, Rozalia. To protect Rozalia. And to help Papa finish creating a new, clockwork heart with which to replace Rozalia’s ailing heart. The only outsiders who ever come to visit are Gita, who takes care of the housework, and Mr. Drac, who seems to be distant family of some sort. Fixing Rozalia’s heart, however, won’t be the end of this little story.

Dwago is positively adorable, and the tale is told from his point of view as he does his very best to fulfill his obligations. Gita is a strong, brave woman who adds so much to the tale, and Rozalia is a sweetheart. The characters are, in large part, very wholesome. It’s nice sometimes to see some genuinely good characters in fiction.

There’s a surprising amount of tension to this story! Chase scenes, evil spells, walking suits of armor, fierce wolves… Dwago has a lot to worry about when protecting Rozalia. And the castle they’re living in has some real surprises in store for them!

Absolutely pick up this delightful little story. It’s quite fun!

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