Short Take: “Trying to Survive, Part 1,” C.J. Crowley

Pros: Standard post-apocalyptic survival story
Cons: Nothing new; not very interesting
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

C.J. Crowley’s novella Trying to Survive (Part 1) is another entry into the post-apocalyptic survival genre of stories. Brothers Walt and James are trapped in their house. Outside, the majority of the population of their Florida town has turned into frenzied, super-powered cannibalistic monsters with glowing amber eyes. When Walt and James make their escape to some place a little less surrounded, they end up taking in several other people. But what comes next?

I guess this isn’t a bad post-apocalyptic; it just has nothing to really recommend it. The characters are totally bland and uninteresting. The author seems to be holding off on explaining what the “creatures” are that people have turned into and why most turned but a few didn’t, but frankly, I’m not interested enough to read the next book and find out.

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