Short Take: “Operation Congo,” William Meikle

Pros: Still loving this series!
Rating: 5 out of 5

William Meikle’s Operation Congo (S-Squad Book 9) is a delightful continuance of his monster-fighting Scottish military squad stories. They’ve been all the way around the world, fought giant spiders, Nazi zombies, and all sorts of beasties, and now they’re headed into the jungle. A team of WHO doctors who were investigating a rash of deaths in a remote village have gone silent. The squad’s job is to slip in, find out what happened, and extract the doctors. They end up finding a mysterious walled village in the middle of nowhere, but what’s of more concern is what’s surrounding it–dinosaurs! (Or, well, close enough.) They’re going to have to rescue the doctors from inside the town–but how?

I love the S-Squad books. Everyone in the squad has plenty of personality, and they have their own in-jokes and patterns of behavior that continue and change from book to book. They’re totally believable and fun to read about. This time around, there are also some fascinating characters on the WHO team who fit into the plot in really neat ways.

I can’t say much more without spoiling this short book, but I guarantee you some delightful adventure, blood and guts, dinosaur-like monsters, lots of gunfire, an intriguing town full of people, and even a hint of romance! You don’t have to have read the whole series in order, but there are gradual changes to the squad, such as some of the soldiers dying and being replaced, and bits of history that come out about them, so I recommend reading it in order just for the full effect.

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