Short Take: “Last Resort,” Susi Holliday

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Susi Holliday’s The Last Resort introduces us to “Anne,” a young girl who accidentally did a terrible thing. Now Amelia (her real name) works doing humanitarian aid around the world. She’s received an opportunity to experience a luxury resort with six other people, entirely free. The resort hasn’t opened yet and they say they want feedback on their facilities and activities. Why not? She joins up on a plane with the other six people, all of whom have been told that they’re there to provide a different type of feedback, and they end up on an island. They’re each given a bizarre earpiece that’s supposed to somehow customize their experience to their minds, and has access to their memories, among other things. For some reason the device won’t activate on Amelia, so she gets a less invasive wristwatch version. From then on out, being able to simply request whatever they desire and have it show up turns out to be not as great as it sounds. Soon the vacationers are fighting for their lives and unwillingly giving up their darkest secrets and greatest fears.

The group is pretty interesting. There’s a photographer, a gossip columnist, the CEO of a startup, a game designer and YouTube star, a venture capitalist, and an influencer. It’s a good lineup with some interest to it. If anything, Amelia’s the odd person out–what is a humanitarian aid worker supposed to say about a luxury vacation?

This is an interesting book. The weirdness that’s going on shows up early in the story, which is nice. (I’m not overly fond of coy books.) The point-of-view switching is nicely labeled, which I appreciate, particularly with so many characters. The last part of the book, that brings everything together, is by far the best part of the book. The stuff in-between isn’t terribly gripping.

Content note for sex.

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