Still catching up with a few more recommendations!

I guess I really have been getting back into reading lately, because that last post didn’t cover all of them. Here are a few more:

First, the latest in Skyla Dawn Cameron’s excellent Livi Talbot series, a wonderful melange of dark urban fantasy and adventure: Charon’s Gold. If you aren’t familiar with the series, start with Solomon’s Seal. Livi is a down-on-her-luck single mom and treasure hunter in a modern world to which magic is returning.

Rachel Hawkins’s Reckless Girls starts off a little slow, but it’s sooo worth it for the way things ultimately unfold. A young couple with a boat gets hired to take two girls to a deserted island for two weeks. But they aren’t the only ones there…

Kealan Patrick Burke’s Guests is a stranded-in-a-snowstorm horror tale that starts out a little predictably, but swiftly turns into something fantastic.

Cassandra Khaw’s The Salt Grows Heavy is a fascinating and gorgeous horror tale of a very deadly mermaid, her daughters, and a plague doctor.

Victoria Helen Stone’s The Hook is a story of a handful of women who are recruited to help each other out–that is, to help each other get revenge on the people who wronged them!

Identity, by Nora Roberts, is an enjoyable tale of a bartender whose life is ruined by a murderous con artist, and who tries to start her life over again. It’s a romance and a thriller, and just plain fun.

Kate Alice Marshall’s What Lies in the Woods unravels a story of three women who survived a horrific attack when they were teens. They put their attacker away in jail… or did they?

I think this’ll do it for now. Have fun with your reading!

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4 comments on “Still catching up with a few more recommendations!
  1. MJ Pittman says:

    Hi Heather,

    Please excuse my direct approach.
    I love your reviews and noticed you’ve reviewed Post Apocalyptic books before on Amazon and I wanted to let you know that I have a similar book that I’d love to get your feedback on.

    The book is Shades of Destiny: Revelations. Please let me know if you’d like to check it out at no cost to you.

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for posting this – I saw it months later, but it still inspired me to clear out my old read pile and give them a quick review to get them out, and me back on track.

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