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All sections are presented in reverse chronological order – most recent work first. In addition to all of this I’ve written hundreds of articles for this web site, including those for the resource pages and zine, as well as hundreds of reviews.


Published by White Wolf

  • Bennet, G.; Boe, B.T.; Chilson, A.; Grivno, B.; Grove, H.; Heckel, H. & H.; Hennessy, S.W.; Kiley, E.P. & J.; Lewis, C.A.; Michl, K.M.; Rourke, M.J.: “Dark Ages: Werewolf,” White Wolf Publications (Georgia), March 2003.
  • Borgstrom, R.S.; Kessler, M.; Snead, J.; Additional material by H. Grove: “Games of Divinity” (for Exalted) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), September 2002.
  • Grove, H.; Kiley, J.; Hartford, C.: “Dark Ages Storytellers Companion,” White Wolf Publications (Georgia), July 2002
  • Armor, B.; Dansky, R.; Grove, H.; Kiley, E.P.; Kiley, J.; Malizewski, J.; Mangold, H.: “Exalted: the Dragon-Blooded,” White Wolf Publications (Georgia), April 2002.
  • Cassada, J.; Durboraw, E.; Grove, H.; Hooper, M.; Kravit, A.; Rea, N.; “Book of the Wyrm,” (for Mind’s Eye Theatre) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), October 2001.
  • Armor, B.; Bush, Z.; Dansky, R.; Grove, H.; van Meter, W.; Wendt, D.; “The Book of Madness, Revised,” (for Mage) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), September 2001.
  • Gregory, C.; Grove, H.; Brooks, D. with Cogman, G.; Snead, J.; Wendt, D.; and Wulf, W.: “Book of Three Circles,” (for Exalted) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), September 2001.
  • Grove, H.; Shomshak, D.; Tinworth, A.: “Exalted Storytellers Companion,” White Wolf Publications (Georgia), September 2001.
  • Baugh, B.; Grove, H.; Kiley, E.; Kravit, A.: “Laws of the Wild, Revised,” (for Mind’s Eye Theatre) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), July 2001.
  • Grove, H.; Hubbard, C.; Jones, R.; Taylor, S.: “Sorcerer, Revised Edition,” (for Mage) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), October 2000.
  • Grove, H.; Stolze, G.: “Clanbook: Toreador, Revised,” (for Vampire) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), August 2000.
  • Grove, H.; McFarland, M.:"Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia" (for Vampire) White Wolf Publications
  • Cassada, J.; Ditchburn, E.; Grove, H.; Rea, N.: “Guildbook: Puppeteers and Pardoners,” (for Wraith) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), 1997.
  • Ditchburn, E.; Grove, H.: “The Risen,” (for Wraith) White Wolf Publications (Georgia), 1996.

Other RPG Work

  • Cochran, J.; Grove, H.; Jarrel, R.; Long, S.; Snead, J.R.; Sparkes, Z.: "Babylon Project – Gamemaster’s Resource Kit," Wireframe Productions and Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment (Virginia), 1998.

Magazine, E-Zine, and Web-Zine Articles

If these articles sound interesting, you might like to check out Errant Dreams’ roleplaying articles.

  • Grove, H.: “Rising from the Grave: How Writing ‘The Risen’ Changed My Life” The Wraith Project, October 2002.
  • Grove, H.: “How to Get Along with Your Players,” GMSecrets.com, September 2002.
  • Grove, H.: “Breaking Into the Roleplaying Biz — the Five Top Tips,” Roleplaying Tips Weekly Issue #123, May 12, 2002.
  • Grove, H.: “Five Firewalling Tips for Gamemasters,” Roleplaying Tips Weekly Issue #120, April 21, 2002.
  • Grove, H.: “Game Worlds Designed for Roleplaying: Game Material Will Be Used,” RPG Gateway Newsletter, Vol. 2 Issue 4, April 11, 2002.
  • Grove, H.: “Writing Up Your NPCs,” Here There Be Dragons (the official newsletter of the Atlanta chapter of the International Fantasy Gaming Society), November 2001 Issue.
  • Grove, H.: “The Promotion of Roleplaying as a Hobby,” Legends of Tampa Bay (The official newsletter of the Tampa Bay Gaming Association) Issue 10, March-May 2001.
  • Grove, H.: “Seeing Green,” The RPG Times, Volume V Issue 5, May 2000.
  • Grove, H.; Howard, J.: "Creative Campaigning: Character Conflict", InQuest #44, December 1998, Wizard Press (New York), p. 82.
  • Grove, H.: "New Developers for White Wolf’s Vampire RPGs", InQuest #36, April 1998, Wizard Press (New York), p. 14.
  • Grove, H.: "Intimations of Mortality,"Alsirat (California), January 1996.

Published at Ex Libris Nocturnis

RPG Times Column: The Colour of Adventure



  • Grove, H.: “I’ll Come,” The Magazine of Speculative Poetry (Wisconsin), Volume 4 Number 4, Autumn 2000.
  • Grove, H.: five poems, Freezer Burn (Massachusetts), April 1997.
    • Autumn Apples
    • Red Riding Hood
    • Insides
    • Memories of Yesterday
    • Blood at Night
  • Grove, H.: two poems, Alsirat (California), July 1996.
    • Hansel and Gretel
    • In Shadow
  • Grove, H.: seven poems (featured poet), the W!DOW of the ORCH!D (Minnesota), March 1996.
    • Beneath the Skin
    • Demolition
    • The Hanging
    • Asylum
    • Fragmentation
    • The Map and the Rain
    • Lucifer’s Chase
  • Grove, H.: three poems, Alsirat (California), March 1996.
    • Mirror View
    • Lords of the Evening
    • Verse in Fire
  • Grove, H.: “Blood and Mirrors,” Alsirat (California), January 1996.
  • Grove, H.: “Death of a Soldier,” The Mindsparks SF Poetry Anthology, Marianne Dyson, Ed., Molecudyne Research (Maryland), 1996.
  • Grove, H.: “Serenade,” MOBIUS (Mississippi), Fall 1995.


  • Regular web page reviews for Brief me’s Writing and Publishing newsletter, from May-December 2000.
  • Grove, H.: "Game Review: The Technomancer’s Toybox", InQuest #36, April 1998, Wizard Press (New York), p. 26.

Also, many reviews posted at RPGNet, Epinions, and our own reviews section.

Reviews of Projects I’ve Worked On

I haven’t intentionally left out any reviews, good or bad; I’m only mentioning the ones I can find links to or have in my hands to give the complete references of.

Exalted books

Mage books

Vampire books

Dark Ages books

Wraith books

Mind’s Eye Theatre books

Short Stories

  • "Brainbox, The Real Horror" “Twilight Showcase” review by Michael Chant [link no longer works]

Babylon Project books

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