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"Accounting Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide," Leita A. Hart, CPA

Pros: Understandable, good examples, covers a lot of ground Cons: Addresses so many topics, there isn’t always much depth Rating: 3 out of 5   I picked up Accounting Demystified after volunteering myself to keep the books for ErrantDreams. This

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"Ringworld," by Larry Niven

Pros: Classic of science fiction; interesting world-building Cons: Pacing; somewhat flat characters Rating: 4 out of 5

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"D&D 4th Edition Core Rulebook Collection," by James Wyatt, Rob Heinsoo, Andy Collins, Mike Mearls, and Stephen Schubert

Overall, I’m disappointed in D&D 4th edition. For now, my campaign is going to stay based on 3.5. I think I could make a good game out of it, but it would take more effort in house rules than I’m willing to put in.

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"Programming C#: Fourth Edition," by Jesse Liberty

As always, reviewing an O’Reilly book is a bit of a challenge. The English language offers me a wide assorted of weaponry, both blunt and bladed, for lodging my complaints. There are, however, only so many ways to say: “It was yet another solid, well-written technical book from O’Reilly.” And none of those ways are likely to make you laugh until the tears blur your vision. This is, of course, why I look for O’Reilly books. “Programming C#,” is good. Not great, but good.

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"A Thief's Tale," by Gabe Ivan, Guildhouse Games

I’m glad to have read, “A Thief’s Tale.” I’m particularly thrilled to have seen so excellent a use of the small, inexpensive supplement form. I have some quibbles with a some parts of the book, but on the whole they are outweighed by the fun we had playtesting the adventures.

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"City Guide: Coffer of Coins," Dark Quest Games

In the final analysis, I think that Coffer of Coins has a lot going for it, being a five dollar supplement distributed electronically. Unlike many D20 products that are riddled with editorial oversights and don’t hold together with any sort of self-consistency, Coffer of Coins avoids the big pitfalls. Maybe the editorial quality could have been a little better. In some places they were using words for what sounded like entirely original meanings.

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Review of "Red or White," by James Herring, Guildhouse Games

I complain that the module doesn’t provide enough information that will actually impact game play. This sacrifice buys room for a great deal of irrelevant background and detail. I also make the claim that the module really isn’t even about what it advertises itself as being about. How much more damage can I do?

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"The Succubus Bride," by Gabe Ivan, Guildhouse Games

There are definitely some good ideas that can be mined from this module, and a very good villain character or two (Maldekore and Sygel). But I wouldn’t buy this book with the intention of running the module as its written.

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"A Green Place to Die," by Casey Clark, Guildhouse Games

I wouldn’t keep a copy under my pillow at night, but for five dollars, this could definitely be a good way to start your new campaign.

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"Agile Web Development with Rails: Second Edition," by Dave Thomas and David Heinemeier Hansson with Leon Breedt, Mike Clark, James Duncan Davidson, Justin Gehtland, and Andreas Schwarz

This book is an Encyclopedia Railsica. Now I have a problem. I have to figure out what to do with the rest of this stack of Rails books I don’t need anymore.

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