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The Cheetah Conservation Fund

Since facebook lets you create a fundraiser for your birthday, here’s a link to my fundraiser for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. I’ve been donating to them for years, because cheetahs are far and away my favorite big cats. I hope

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Turning off the lights

I never expected to be saying these words, but after 15 years of marriage (plus five for dating), I’m getting a divorce. I don’t expect to come back here, but I’ll leave it up for now in case it’s useful

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Cats, redux

The beginning of 2014 still found me in the grip of inertia (which has been partly fixed at this point by medication tweaks). So I never introduced the two cats we got in February! Our first cats, we got the

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Asthma Cat Redux & Mother’s Day

Things have, as always, been kind of crazy. Health problems throughout the pets & family. Epic fail at getting the lawn done (first guy never showed up, second folks didn’t show, first guy showed and tried to guilt us into

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Kitty in need of love

If you think you might have room in your heart and home for an older special needs cat, go read about Fred.

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International spy kitteh

moar funny pictures

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Inhaler Cat?!

I learned another new feline thing. You can use an inhaler on a cat. I just ordered a “spacer” and mask so we can use an asthma inhaler on Cahlash. Apparently he had an asthma attack night before last. Meanwhile

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Prozac Cat

First, that promised update on where all my time has been going lately: our cats. Selene’s medical problems are under control with once-a-day medication, but she was still trying to kill her brother. So we caved and put her on

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Unraveling the mysteries of feline aggression

Feline aggression is one of those really confusing things to unravel. It has so many possible causes and very few ways to pick them apart to find the right one. It’s all about instinct. Aggression could be fear, stress, territorial

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Cats rock when you’re sick

I spent most of last night vomiting violently and repeatedly, possibly as a reaction to an antibiotic. I was so sore by the time there was nothing left in my stomach, from all the spasming, but Cahlash pressed himself against

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