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WW III in my living room

I’m worried that one of our cats may be ill or in pain or something. She tends to get territorial and cranky now and then, but lately she’s practically been trying to kill her brother. It seemed to center around

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The Wii Fit needs an option…

…for, “my cat just tried to ‘help’ me do the step aerobics program, but I successfully completed it AND didn’t step on her.” And it should give you some sort of bonus points on your score. ‘Cause let me tell

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"Purry Logic," Jane Seabrook

Pros: Hysterical drawings and quotes; the perfect gift for cat lovers Cons: Not everyone wants to pay full book price for a little gift book of art and sayings Rating: 5 out of 5 Review book courtesy of Ten Speed

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The Adrenaline-Fueled Wakeup

So there I was, drying off from my shower, when I heard a series of bumps outside the bathroom door, followed by the most unholy screeching sound you’ve ever heard in your entire life. Context: When our male cat (Cahlash)

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Reviews & More

First, two new book reviews. I had a chance to read the advance uncorrected proof of Tobias Buckell’s Sly Mongoose. Books like this are why being a reviewer makes me so happy. I might not make much money, and I

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Here’s the good thing about IKEA: while it’s true that a lot of their items are cheap in a pejorative sense, if you look around carefully you can get some great deals on some wonderful pieces of furniture. We found

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The Onslaught Begins!

Oh come on, you just knew it couldn’t last. I have a camera. I have cats. Of course this would eventually mean cat photos. If you’re insane enough to want to view lots of ’em (well okay, I’ve been trying

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Tropical Turnovers

I forgot one thing on that list yesterday: we had to trim the cats’ claws. That’s always a real adventure. It’s made easier by the use of Kitty Kaviar as a reward (freeze-dried bonito flakes), but things got interesting when

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Missy and the Gray Cat

Our next-door neighbors have a golden retriever named Missy (which is kind of funny, since if I recall correctly, my grandparents used to have a golden retriever named Missy too). Historically I don’t like dogs, largely because my father let

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The 2 am Cahlash

It’s 2 am. You’re sound asleep, ensconced on your back on a comfy bed beneath warm, fluffy blankets. Without warning, an 11-pound cat leaps from the floor and, with unerring aim, lands dead-center on your stomach, paws stiffly outstretched as

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