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Time Off

My wonderful husband took me out to dinner last Tuesday, and informed me that he’d taken the rest of the week off. Woot! I love happy surprises! Anyway, that would be why I didn’t post anything after last Tuesday. 🙂

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"D&D 4th Edition Core Rulebook Collection," by James Wyatt, Rob Heinsoo, Andy Collins, Mike Mearls, and Stephen Schubert

Overall, I’m disappointed in D&D 4th edition. For now, my campaign is going to stay based on 3.5. I think I could make a good game out of it, but it would take more effort in house rules than I’m willing to put in.

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Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition

You knew we had to do it—we bought a copy of the fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. This isn’t a review, as we haven’t finished it nor played it yet. It’s just a few first impressions which might or

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GM/Player Communication

Gnome Stew has a great article up on GM/player communication—or, more accurately, miscommunication that fits in extremely well with my take on GM/player interactions from our old articles. The idea in a nutshell is this: if your players are trying

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Gender Roles

This morning I got to thinking about gender roles in some books. So today, I’m going to suggest that you grab a sheet of paper and a pen, set a timer for 10-20 minutes, and write about gender roles in

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Modern Dentistry

Since I’m about to head off to the dentist’s in an hour or so (for my first filling in 20 or so years), I have dentistry on the brain. What’s the state of dentistry and other medicine in your fictional

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Re-Imagining, Part I

Many things have changed since we first started selling shirts & stuff through cafepress at Gamers’ Heaven and Caffeinated Chicanery. I have a better sense of what will translate well from my screen to a T-shirt, mug, or poster. Cafepress

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Gamers Driving

There we were, driving back from the grocery store. We arrived at the traffic light and saw something unusual, something unexpected: a dark blue race car. The driver wore a helmet; it sat low to the ground; and it had

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*sings* It’s a small world after all…

Last week I wrote an entry in my Epiphanies blog (it’s a place for posting writers’ exercises and such for people to play with) that explored my grandfather’s history just a tiny bit. He’s one of those people who has

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You know you have great friends when…

Yesterday was a D&D day. We visited friends in Virginia, brought rice pudding, ate yummy spaghetti (I think when you have kids with narrow tastes and you make lots of spaghetti, you must get awfully good at making great spaghetti),

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