The reviews on this blog are to help people make decisions regarding items they might or might not want to buy, and we hope the comments people leave will help with this. Examples of comment types we’d love to see:

  • Constructive feedback regarding reviews; by all means help us improve this service.
  • Notes on recall notices in the case of gadgets and appliances.
  • Links to other reviews on the same product.
  • Further questions that weren’t answered in the review, and/or their answers.
  • Links to the websites of the authors of the books reviewed.
  • Corrections of any factual mistakes in the reviews.
  • Friendly chatting about these items in specific and books and kitchenware in general.

We’d like to avoid the following, and will use comment moderation to do so if we believe it’s necessary:

  • Commercial content/spam thinly disguised (or not-so-disguised) as helpful content. We don’t mind if you want to link to your own review of the same product as long as it appears to be an actual review (not a copy of the back cover text or bit of propaganda fluff).
  • Unconstructive bashing. We don’t mind you taking issue with something we or other commenters have said, but keep it polite. NO comment wars.
  • Random unrelated cruft.
  • Comments that are full additional reviews. Feel free to add details or your opinion or agree or disagree with something we’ve said, but please don’t turn comments into an additional review posting area.
  • Affiliate and referral links. A lot of time and effort has gone into this collection of reviews, and yes, we support that time and effort through the use of Adsense ads and Amazon links. Please don’t try to usurp our effort for your profit.
  • Please try to avoid spoilers for books! If you absolutely must include them in order to discuss something of importance to you, put “SPOILER WARNING” (yes, preferably in bold and all caps) at the beginning of your comment so people can avoid it if they like.

The blog is set such that a commenter’s first comment must be approved by a moderator. After that you should be able to comment freely. Thanks for your patience—we do it to keep away the nasty spam!

2 comments on “Comments
  1. Kyle says:

    I like your reviews.

  2. Virginia says:

    I am making a “grandma’s cookbook” for my grandkids and your explanation of how to thicken stew was so much easier to understand than what I was trying to write. I knew what to do but putting it into written words was not as easy. Thanks!

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