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Review: “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again,” Julia Cameron

Pros: Very handy Cons: A bit new-agey Rating: 4 out of 5 Julia Cameron’s It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond is, in general, aimed at people who are retiring from a

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"Purry Logic," Jane Seabrook

Pros: Hysterical drawings and quotes; the perfect gift for cat lovers Cons: Not everyone wants to pay full book price for a little gift book of art and sayings Rating: 5 out of 5 Review book courtesy of Ten Speed

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Plot Art Collection

Sorry for the lack of posts recently—things have been crazy! Here’s something that ought to make up for it: in addition to collecting character-inspiring art for you, I’m also collecting art to inspire plots! These might be images of situations,

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“Our floor is awfully popular”

I believe I mentioned that whole thing where I posted a bunch of texture images on DeviantArt. Well, hands down so far the most popular one is the hardwood floor texture, which has been downloaded 37 times in the past

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Character Portraiture

One of my favorite resources for fleshing out a character (for both writing & roleplaying) is the vast wealth of portraiture found online. I created a DeviantArt account largely so that I could start collecting DA character portraiture in a

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The Fall Guy

It’s been a while since I gave you an image-based prompt, and I came across a piece of artwork recently that I simply must share. I particularly love images of people for the kind of intensity and personality they can

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“Madame Nature”

Today, take a look at the following depiction of mother, or madame, nature. Write a brief scene with her as a character, preferably told from the first person (her point of view) or second (someone with her). Or, free-write or

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"Light of India," Warren Dotz

Pros: Fascinating historical and cultural perspective; amazing artwork Cons: None Rating: 5 out of 5 Review book courtesy of Ten Speed Press.   Warren Dotz’s Light of India: A conflagration of Indian matchbox art is a fascinating little gift or

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