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Author meme, giveaway link

I’ve never started a meme before, but for some reason this morning I feel the desire to put a particular one together. So here you have it: The Errant Dreams Author Meme, in which it’s time to share some of

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Huh? (BTT)

Today’s Booking Through Thursday: What’s your favorite book that nobody else has heard of? You know, not Little Women or Huckleberry Finn, not the latest best-seller . . . whether they’ve read them or not, everybody “knows” those books. I’m

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"Book Marketing from A-Z," Francine Silverman

I found this to be not only a highly informative and useful book, but also a fascinating read. I think it will be of great value to any writer looking for ways to sell a book, whether you’re self-published or you’ve published through more traditional means.

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