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Recipe: Baked Beans and Guacamole

I wanted a baked beans recipe that: Used canned beans Didn’t use canned baked beans (that’s a serving suggestion, not a recipe!) Went easy on the sweet stuff (accent, not candied beans) I found this recipe for “Bar-B-Q Baked Beans”

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Avocado fries & eggplant soup

Thanks to reddit, I found a recipe for avocado fries. I’m a sucker for avocados, and a sucker for crunchy fried things, so I HAD to make them. No really, it was a total compulsion. That’s my story and I’m

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"Guac Off," Nathan Myers

Pros: Simple, delicious, hilarious Cons: … Rating: 5 out of 5 Review book (published 2009) courtesy of Chronicle Books.   Ahh, guacamole. Is there another food that is as decadent and yet healthful at the same time? Avocados have a

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