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Passing along a press release I thought you folks might be interested in. After all, it has stuff in it about FREE BOOKS! Well, potentially free, anyway, if you win a contest. 🙂’s Books as the Perfect Gifts Countdown

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Upcoming & Giveaways, 6/18/08

Check out book-blog’s MASSIVE 14-book giveaway! You have until June 20 to participate! Another reminder that Dewey’s doing her readathon again. June 28th/29th, and I highly recommend this fun event! You have until June 29 to win a book over

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Upcoming & Giveaway Links, 5/28/08

Valentina’s room is celebrating its one year blogiversary, and you have until the 13th of June to enter to win books! More book giveaways: you have until the 14th of June to visit There’s Just No Telling! You have until

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Stuff for Gamers

Take a look at the shirts-n-things in our stuff for gamers store.