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Surreal Nike Ad

There I was, reading’s 10 Awesome Ads (for Traumatizing Children), when I came across the Nike ad embedded below. And I watched it. And watched it again. And watched it again. And again. Maybe I’m the one who’s cracked,

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#Amazonfail all over again

Amazon has a new program that allows blog owners to publish their blogs to the Kindle and charge money for it. I wasn’t going to do it, but then I learned that it’s appallingly easy for other people to claim

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I ended up spending a good chunk of yesterday following along with the massive furor over Amazon. Here’s the short of it if you haven’t heard about it yet: Amazon decided to exclude “adult content” books from sales rankings, and

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Easter necklace special & 5 of 10!

RICHARD’S EASTER NECKLACE SPECIAL: Many of our lovely necklaces were made by Richard, a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and beading fiend. He typically works in glass or natural semi-precious gemstones. In honor of his lovely work,

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After having computer troubles over the last week (turned out to be a trojan) and mostly doing a lot of reading, I now have TEN book reviews to write. Yes, ten. However, because I happened to get shipments of upcoming/just

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Human Chess

Yesterday I got to chatting with my husband and someone else about some of the hijinks that went on at MIT when I & my husband were there. One that I didn’t think of at the time but that for

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Prozac Cat

First, that promised update on where all my time has been going lately: our cats. Selene’s medical problems are under control with once-a-day medication, but she was still trying to kill her brother. So we caved and put her on

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Book review & a few links

The first book review of the new year is of Yasmine Galenorn’s Night Huntress. I had some stylistic problems with it, but it was a very enjoyable book. Also, if you enjoy our reviews, please consider voting for Errant Dreams

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Catching up! Voting, Sexism, Jewelry, Skinned Knees, & Book Reviews

Harder to get things done these days. As someone with mental disorders, I find my motivation dramatically reduces during the winter months. I love winter, but the lack of light isn’t good for me. I’m sleeping much better now thanks

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Graham Cracker Crack

My husband, on the awesome graham crackers we found at Trader Joe’s: These aren’t graham crackers. They’re graham crack! Love is… preferring to share the last graham crack (err, I meant graham crackers) with your spouse rather than devouring them

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