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Handmade bookmarks for sale!

I love to make beaded bookmarks (and hair sticks, but the former is more relevant here)! Below are photos of a few of my favorites, including the ones with the gorgeous glittering oval Swarovski crystals; the photos link directly to

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Goodreads contest reminder and sparkly bookmarks!

Edit #1, on 4/23: Today’s the last day to vote in the Goodreads contest, so please do! Edit #2, also on 4/23: I put up a “SummerSellout” coupon in the ErrantDreams booth (which includes all those sparkly bookmarks depicted below).

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T-Day, Observed

7:00 am: I forgot the pie crust dough would have to be chilled before pre-baking, and the fats frozen before making the dough. So we froze the fats over breakfast and made the dough afterward in the food processor. Now

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Dire Crickets

In New England we had little black crickets that didn’t even make me—notorious bug wimp that I am—nervous. In Maryland we don’t have crickets, we have Dire Crickets, a reference that any D&D geek will understand in a heartbeat. They’re

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MetroKitchen exclusives & sweepstakes; bookmarks

Hey there. I just got a press release from MetroKitchen. They’re celebrating their 10-year anniversary with a bunch of exclusive items and a pretty cool sweepstakes. It looks like the sweepstakes itself will start on November 15th. October 30, 2008

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Upcoming & Handmade Bookmark Sale!

Since I’m now definitely receiving more review books than I can review all of, instead of telling you which books I’ve gotten in total, I’ll just let you know which are in the immediate upcoming queue to be reviewed. This

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Here’s the thing…

I almost always avoid talking politics here, because that just isn’t what I want from this blog or this site. Talking politics nearly always devolves into nastiness, and I want this to be a comfortable, enjoyable site to visit. I

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Flower Photos and Hand-Made Jewelry

Although I’ve seemed relatively quiet these last few weeks, I haven’t been idle. Today’s book review is of Deidre Knight’s Red Fire, a paranormal romance involving Georgia and immortal Spartans. Really. I’ve been taking a ton of photos while out

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Handmade beaded bookmarks & more!

Hi, all! In case you don’t read my personal blog, I’ve been short on reviews in the last week or so largely because I’ve been working furiously to get our online crafts store up-and-running. I love doing beading projects, and

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