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10 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books with Asexual Characters

Luminosity Library has come out with a great list of 10 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books with Asexual Characters. If you’re looking for ace rep, I highly recommend hopping on over there–some of those books look fantastic!

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Mother Horror’s “Women In Horror” Collection

Sadie Hartmann, also known as “Mother Horror,” has put together a list of 100(!) horror books written or edited by women. Check it out!

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Old(er) Women in SFF

Today I stumbled across a list of books that I think is quite useful! Catherine Lundoff put together a two-part list: Old(er) Women in SF/F, Book and Story List Part 1 A-M Old(er) Women in SF/F, Part 2 N-Z Not

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Why should we highlight diverse authors?

Earlier today someone posted on a facebook group about horror books that they were looking for material by diverse authors. Entirely too many people got outraged in the sense of “I would never pick a book based on race/ethnicity/gender/etc.!” And

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Upcoming Reviews

I have a review of the upcoming ‘in death’ Robb novel, “Festive in Death” that should go up tomorrow. I read the first two of Tanya Huff’s Blood Books, and three of her ebook anthologies. I picked up a few

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Pros: Fun reading-related items Cons: … Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Note: Several items provided free for review. Visit for gifts for readers.   The folks at offered to provide several items for a review, and being as

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My rant about why many series books should be able to stand alone

I’m working on a review of a book that is quite a ways on in a series—a series that I’ve never read from before. I already know from experience that some of the people who read my review will be

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New rating note

I realized I’d fallen into the habit of giving a 5 out of 5 sometimes simply because I couldn’t point to any specific negatives in a book. Unfortunately this meant that good-but-not-stunning books occupied the same rating as “it blew

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Amazon’s "12 days" book deals

One book a day through the 14th of December 2012, 75% off or more. Happy gift shopping! Shop Amazon Books – 12 Days, 12 Deals – Best Sellers for 75 Off or More

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Amazon's book deals

As I get back to reviewing (I have a stack of books a mile long…), here’s something to tide you over: Amazon’s current book deals! Who doesn’t want a bargain for the holidays? Widgets

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