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Easter necklace special & 5 of 10!

RICHARD’S EASTER NECKLACE SPECIAL: Many of our lovely necklaces were made by Richard, a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and beading fiend. He typically works in glass or natural semi-precious gemstones. In honor of his lovely work,

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After having computer troubles over the last week (turned out to be a trojan) and mostly doing a lot of reading, I now have TEN book reviews to write. Yes, ten. However, because I happened to get shipments of upcoming/just

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Human Chess

Yesterday I got to chatting with my husband and someone else about some of the hijinks that went on at MIT when I & my husband were there. One that I didn’t think of at the time but that for

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Graham Cracker Crack

My husband, on the awesome graham crackers we found at Trader Joe’s: These aren’t graham crackers. They’re graham crack! Love is… preferring to share the last graham crack (err, I meant graham crackers) with your spouse rather than devouring them

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The Wii Fit needs an option…

…for, “my cat just tried to ‘help’ me do the step aerobics program, but I successfully completed it AND didn’t step on her.” And it should give you some sort of bonus points on your score. ‘Cause let me tell

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Five Books

I was over at Shiloh Walker’s blog reminding myself of her URL for the review I’m in the middle of writing (I just read the book she has coming out in November—-WOW!—review tomorrow). Anyway, she had a little meme there

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Character Portraiture

One of my favorite resources for fleshing out a character (for both writing & roleplaying) is the vast wealth of portraiture found online. I created a DeviantArt account largely so that I could start collecting DA character portraiture in a

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Upcoming, 7/8/08

B&b ex libris is having a giveaway for a copy of Did I Expect Angels? You have until Sunday the 13th to enter! It isn’t a book, but it’s still utterly cool… enter to win a gorgeous quilt at the

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The Furniture, Revisited

First, in non-furniture news, I have a non-review of Patricia Rice’s Mystic Rider. I almost never do this, but I just couldn’t get myself to read the whole thing. While that means I can’t review the book as such, I

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IKEA and a giveaway link

Here’s a giveaway for you: drop by Kylee’s Book Blog to enter to win a copy of Dancing Above the Waves. My review today is of Lucy Finn’s upcoming If Wishing Made It So. I swear I didn’t know before

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