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"The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook," Gloria Bley Miller

This is a fantastic book for the cook who’s desperate to explore more of Chinese cooking, or the adventurous amateur who’s willing to do a little research and exploration. The flavors are wonderful, the recipes are simple and easy, and there’s enough in here to keep you busy for years!

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"Stir-Fry to Szechuan: 100 Classic Chinese Recipes," for Weight Watchers

In short…buy this cookbook. We’ve been quite surprised by it, and I expect that you will be too.

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"A Spoonful of Ginger," Nina Simonds

This book is filled with luscious photographs (both full-color ones of food, and black-and-white ones of various people and scenes), fascinating stories, and wonderful food. I would recommend it to anyone with a taste for Asian cooking.

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